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AUTHORITY CHRONICLES 12 – Our role….our resolve

The only difference between the Garden of Eden and Present day is the presence of devils. We were born into a world filled with darkness and it has unfortunately become the norm for us. We pray to God and ask him to come and take control of situations in our life but the truth is until we take our place God cannot take his place. It is the responsibility of Sons to drive out the devil and give the throne in those areas back to God.
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Today in the absence of Pastor Adeyinka, Rev Rex has a look at the major key points that have been discussed so far. We are reminded of the importance of Authority and Sonship. Authority is a necessity to unseat the devil. We are encouraged again to change our mentality from acting like slaves to Sons. In order to live the lives we were called to live it is our responsibility to unseat him. We are to unseat him where ever we see his works.

AUTHORITY CHRONICLES 10 – To know Authority is to submit to Authority

Submission is a primary key requirement to being in Authority, before we can be in Authority we ourselves need to know what it is to submit to Authority.
Every human has a rebellious nature in them that needs to be dealt with. Not being able to submit shows the rebellious nature is still in us and as long as the flesh (rebellious nature which is enmity to God) is in the way son ship cannot be brought forth. Dealing with rebellion is dealing with the enemy within which stops a man from rising.
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Authority Chronicles 9 – Slave or Son?

Did you know the world as a whole will treat you either as a Son or as a Slave? So really there are only two possibilities for mankind; only two forms of existence. Rev Rex poses the question, in this estate (estate of God) what is your current mentality? Are you living with a slave mentality or son mentality? What consciousness do you have of yourself? These questions lead the discussion for today’s episode.
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Authority Chronicles 8 – Empowerment through Recognition

Today’s discussion is all about the benefits and glory of Sonship. The nature of it; what to expect as you start to walk on the earth as one of God’s Princes.
Bringing it into practical everyday living, miracles begin to happen when we come into the revelation of our Sonship. When Jesus came out of the wilderness after being tempted by the devil, he was a different person, he was no longer a simple carpenter and this was because of his revelation and recognition of Sonship.
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AUTHORITY CHRONICLES 7 – Being conscious of the Spirit Realm

Rev Rex and Pastor Adeyinka discuss the unseen world also referred to as the spirit realm. We learn how it governs this natural world and how to become consistently conscious of that world (the Spirit realm). Being aware and understanding the Spirit realm helps us break away from the limitations of this natural world. It helps us bring into our daily lives all that has been discussed so far.

AUTHORITY CHRONICLES 6 – Manifested to destroy the works of the devil

Pastor Adeyinka, splits the works of the devil into 3 categories to further discuss our responsibilities and duties as Sons. We are to watch out for these works of the devil in our lives and the various territories to which we belong and confront them as Sons.

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AUTHORITY CHRONICLES 5 – Virtues of Sonship

We only function at our best when we are operating according to our purpose. The beauty of our life also comes naturally again, when we are operating according to our purpose. With that in mind, today we look at some of the virtues\qualities of Sonship.

AUTHORITY CHRONICLES 3 – Who are the sons of God?

Sonship (sons of God) is such an important part of Authority, so today’s discussion dives deeper into the topic of Sonship. We have a look at the description of the sons of God.
Who are they? What are they supposed to look like? How do they come into awareness of who they are? What are the things tying the Sons of God down? And what makes Sons so important in the Kingdom of God?
We believe this discussion with shed some light on those questions and more.